Youth Can Do It NGO

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About ” Youth Can Do It ” NGO

Nongovernmental organization, nonpolitical  and without a patrimonial purpose (NGO), launched on 28th of March 2008 with the desire of organizing events dedicated for the youth all over the world.

YOUTH CAN DO IT organizations’ purpose : helping the personal and professional development of the people.

The primary objectives of YOUTH CAN DO IT Organization are :

  1. > promoting electronic music ;
  2. > promoting young musical artists with talent ;
  3. > acting in the purpose of showing people that humans are the key in the earths` ecosystem and can determine major changes by protecting life and the surrounding environment ;
  4. > realizing different projects to integrate the youth in todays’ society in a healthy way.

For accomplishment of its’ objectives, the YOUTH CAN DO IT organization has the following primary attributes:

  1. > building youth communities that have the same hobbies (DJing, dancing and so on..) ;
  2. > organizing events entitled „Night Music” events, that represent alternative spending of free time in a good atmosphere (open-air events, with ecological purpose and against violence and the consuming of noxious substances like drugs and tobacco) ;
  3. > organizing competitions ( sports, musicals, and so on.. ), camps, experience exchanges and other happenings that relay on human interaction ;
  4. > organizing actions with the purpose of presenting an alternative musical genre to other musical styles, that has been more and more popular all over the world.